6 Storage Ideas for Corner Cabinets.

March 31 2017

The corner cabinet.

Kitchens in most older homes will have at least one corner cabinet. They are renown for being the spot in the kitchen where you will probably find that appliance or utensil that you are missing, expired food items or in extreme cases a forgotten member of the family. They are awkward to access and create deep cavernous spaces that are hard to see and reach into.

When planning for your new kitchen you can really make these corners work for you and increase your usable storage space by using some of the following hardware storage solutions.

#1.The Full Access Corner Wire System.

This clever storage system is amazing. It makes a blind corner cabinet so versatile and gives you full access to everything stored in the cabinet.

#2.The Swivel Corner Unit.

This system has kidney shaped shelves that pivot in a smooth action out of the blind corner cabinet. There are options for the shelves to move together or independently.

#3.The Carousel Unit.

The carousel comes in many forms. This is also known as the “lazy Susan” but that’s not really politically correct for Susan is it?

There are full circle, 3/4 units and half units for blind corners. They are available with plastic, solid and wire shelves. The full circle and 3/4 units will require a full corner cabinet with a bi-folding door for access, whereas the half units require a blind corner cabinet with a hinged door. Your kitchen layout will usually determine which unit will work the best. The material used for the shelving is usually a personal preference but can be determined by the types of things you may store in the cabinet.

#4.The Easy Reach Corner Unit.

This is a clever upgrade of the carousel, with the whole unit rotating and the centre sections pulling out. This unit requires a corner cabinet with a bi-folding door.

#5.The Revolving Corner Unit.

This is a clever complete unit from Hafele. The door rotates with the unit.

#6.Corner Drawers.

The corner drawer system is available from Blum and gives a different way to use the corner.

As you can see there are many ways to improve on the accessibility of a corner in your new kitchen. When you discuss your project with your joiner you can look at ways of incorporating the systems that appeal to you. They vary in cost, so budget may also be a factor. Have a good think about what you would like to store in the cabinet as this may also influence your decision.