Studies and Home Office Joinery Ballarat

As technology has changed, the nature of studies and the home office has changed.

There is a strong trend to working from home as it has many advantages. However this also provides challenges with easily blurred boundaries between personal and business space and time. The importance of a designated home office space is important. Many home studies are now integrated into other living areas. Areas are needed for phone and laptops to be charged and stored and easily accessed when needed.We can help find the perfect solution for you.

The designers at Matthews Joinery take into account your work and storage needs and consider desk and computer spaces. They also examine the look of your home and office furniture and will help you select materials that will complement your home.

TV Units and shelving.

TV’s now hang on walls as well as sitting on low line units. Cabinetry needs to store many different forms of media and gaming consoles. We can help with innovative ideas that will integrate seamlessly into your home.

Good cabinetmaking and joinery is not just for home offices and studies. We also do custom bathroom cabinets and vanities, kitchens, laundries and commercial joinery.

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