Pantry designs for today’s kitchen

August 21 2015

The history of the Pantry, Larder and Scullery.

Traditional Kitchen

Over the years pantries have had many names and many purposes. They have been known as sculleries, Butler’s pantries, larders and store rooms. Their uses have changed to accommodate our ever changing lifestyles.

Back in the era of grand mansions, such as Downton Abbey, the downstairs area was the engine room of the house.The Butler and house keeper ruled supreme, overseeing the smooth running of the kitchen, staff and household supplies.

The Butler’s pantry was usually a storeroom where the wine, household silver and tableware  were stored. The Larder was for food preparation and usually housed a large table for working on. Washing of linen and dishes and rinsing of food was done in the scullery, were you would find a large ceramic sink.

The Modern Home.

Today Butler’s Pantry, Larder and Scullery are still used but have quite different connotations when we look at them in a modern home.

Most new homes will include a walk-in pantry where possible. Their design will vary with some having sinks, dishwashers and appliances. Usually open shelving is used in this room for quick and easy access to the provisions. We are finding the introduction of LED task lighting to be invaluable in pantries.

There is a trend towards these rooms becoming the working kitchen with a separate staging area for the serving of food. Whilst this hides the mess associated with cooking and cleaning it also hides the cook!

Straight Line Pantries

So the main function of the modern pantry is food and appliance storage. Whether this be in a walk-in format, corner unit or straight line cabinet. Over time we have designed and created many variations of pantries. Taking the time to discuss your storage needs with us will result in a practical and functional pantry that can look good too.

Storage Ideas

LED Lighting

So call us to make a time to discuss your project or drop in to see our displays at our showroom.

All you need to bring to your consultation are some rough measurements and a list of your storage needs and we can work out a design that will work for you.

Pauline Ribbans- Designer

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