Wardrobes-Custom Designs

July 20 2015

Wardrobe Design


Every home needs a place to store clothing and shoes. Wardrobes can become a nightmare when not well thought out and organised. We can help you create well thought out and easy to use wardrobes, whether for a new home or an existing home needing a renovation.

Wardrobes for New Homes

When you are building a new home you have the opportunity to work with your designer to really consider the best design for you wardrobes. Typically you will have a Walk-in-Robe attached to the master bedroom and built in robes to the other bedrooms.

Consider your needs, do you have a lot of shoes or handbags that you would love to be able to see and access easily? Do you have a lot of ties, belts, trousers or skirts that could be stored better? Would the addition of a washing basket or ironing board be useful? Could you use a specially designed jewelry drawer? Make a wish list for your new wardrobe and bring it to your design consultation with your new house plans. Together we can bring your dreams to fruition.

Renovating your existing Wardrobes

Have you come to the conclusion that it is time to start again with your wardrobe design? A lot of homes are fitted with a pretty basic wardrobe design. Over time things get jammed into hard to reach spaces and you can even forget what’s in there!

All it takes is some quick measurements of your room and a visit to our showroom and we can discuss your needs and get things underway for a new and well thought out wardrobe of your dreams.


To give a feeling of luxury to the wardrobe we suggest using a colour board for a walk-in-robe, as available in the Polytec Wardrobe Range or Formica’s range of decorative boards. Alternatively you could  use a coloured back board with white panels and/or a matching coloured edge to the panel.

You don’t have to blow you budget to have a well considered design that looks great. A little bit of everything here works well. Most of us do not need a lot of  long hanging space and will generally find a 500 mm wide space will suffice. Double hanging space is another matter, with most of us requiring as much as possible.

A set of drawers is a nice addition to the room if there is space. Small drawers can be used for jewelry,socks, jocks, bras and ties, with many organisation ideas available for each. Whilst deeper drawers can be used for jumpers and jeans.

Shelving is always useful and can be used to store many things, shoes and handbags being the most common. We have several ideas for shoe storage.


Most Built-in Robes will be behind hinged or sliding doors.

We would usually use whiteboard carcass in a built-in robe to the additional bedrooms. Which tend to be simpler in design. We have found that an adjustable rail in children’s rooms works well. It allows for the rail height to be adjusted to allow for the increasing length of children s clothes.

A set of drawers is a nice inclusion to the wardrobe design if there is space.

All you need to bring to your consultation are some rough measurements and a list of your storage needs and we can work out a design that will work for you.

Pauline Ribbans- Designer

Contact us on 03 5334 3466 to make a time to see our designer or drop in if your driving past our showroom at 130 Learmonth St, Alfredton